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Advertiser Guidelines

To ensure that your ad campaign with us at generates optimal results, we've developed the following guidelines. Most of the points below are specifications for your media unit (your ad graphic) and some points are essentially terms of use for our advertisers.

  • When using AdCenter to create a new ad campaign, your start date must be at least three (3) days from the current date. Pending review of your submission, all campaigns begin at 12:01 a.m. the date of your scheduled start date.
  • To provide you with the lowest rates possible, CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) are recalculated every 24 hours, so check back often. Due to fluctuations in capacity and availability of our ad inventory, your ad campaign end date may be no longer than one year from the current date.
  • Your ad content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement and may not reasonably appear to be a link within content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the ad content.
  • Ad units with a white or nearly white background must be bound by a visible one- (1) pixel non-white border within the dimensions of the ad.
  • All advertisers must have a privacy policy that is no more than one click from the ad's landing page.
  • The URL you submit must resolve to an active content page of your site through the duration of your ad campaign.
  • Alternate Text must be 30 characters or fewer.
  • All Flash media must be set to open a new window using the getURL attribute _blank (described in greater detail below).
  • User-Initiated audio in your ad is permitted; however, the default must be muted and the presence of a 25x25 or larger sound on/off" button must be clearly visible on all frames.
  • Ad campaigns with URLs that resolve to a placeholder or non-final landing page cannot be scheduled for queue.
  • is a family-friendly community committed to an online experience that is safe and comfortable for all visitors. At our sole discretion and judgment, we do not accept ad campaigns for categories not appropriate for the nature of our community, such as alcohol, tobacco, erotica, etc., or that may be considered illegal or otherwise offensive to our constituency.
  • Ad media will be rejected if it contains garish or clashing colors, hyperkinetic animation or otherwise does not, in our sole opinion, comply with's creative standards.
  • You may edit any element in your ad campaign until you get it just the way you want it. Note that once you've completed your submission and your transaction is authorized, your ad campaign's status if pending review and AdCenter will not permit you to modify it.

Acceptable Media Types

Graphic media we accept at are .gif, animated .gif, .jpg and .swf (Flash) and, through AdCenter, you can upload your file and use in your ad campaign.

For agency and larger corporate advertisers, AdCenter is fully compatible with third-party ad-delivery service providers such as DoubleClick DART, Atlas, AdKnowledge, BurstMedia, etc. Those service providers will provide you with a special ad tag or ad code that you'll simply forward to us via email for integration into your ad campaign. Contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Not accepted at this time are any other graphic formats, text, HTML, Java and media based on or delivered via other technologies.

The media you submit must be prepared to the exact dimensions and file sizes parameters specified in AdCenter for each position.

Flash Media

Media created with Adobe Flash are a great way to create impactful and relatively lightweight advertisements. To ensure precise ad-delivery and clickthru tracking statistics reporting in your AdCenter, all Flash media must use the standard clickTAG coding (below).

Steps for Using clickTAGs

  1. Create a layer and name it "click layer." Move this layer to the very top above any other layers.
  2. Draw a box, the exact dimensions of your banner (728x90, 160x600, 468x60), in neon green so you can see it easily, then convert it to a button symbol by clicking on it and then navigating to "modify" (top menu) and save it as a button called  "click button".
  3. Ensure the button symbol is on the first frame of the timeline and make sure it is there for the entire timeline.

    If you need to position it more exactly, use the Properties toolbar and type "0" into both the X & Y fields.
  4. Click the button on the workspace.
  5. Open your actions palette.
  6. Paste the actionscript "clicTAG" code below nto the actions palette box.
  7. Save your Flash .fla file.
  8. Click on your button and within the "Properties" palette, select "Color," "Alpha" and set the % to zero "0."
  9. Export your file as an .swf file.

clickTAG Actionscript Code

Clickthrough functions must use the "Get URL" command. The actionscript code needed for the button layer in your Flash file should look exactly as it is below. The revised actionscript below simply verifies that "http:" is contained within the URL we pass into it.

Note: The clickTAG is case-sensitive. Be sure to spell clickTAG just as it is here. However, if you're ad is already built, be sure to select the exact clickTAG syntax you used in your Flash ad when creating your ad campaign at

Note: Do not insert your URL where the "http:" is below. Hardcoded URLs are not permitted to be passed via the "getURL" action. Instead, use the clickTAG exactly as it is provided for you here:

on (release){
 if (_level0.clickTAG.substr(0,5)=="http:"){
 getURL(_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");

Additional Flash SWF Requirements

- Flash SWF file needs to be version 8.0 or earlier.
- A default GIF that you provide will be served to browsers that do not have a compatible Flash plug-in.
- Framerate: 18 frames per second.
- Sounds permitted; however, must be user initiated with a clearly-visible on/off switch (at least 25x25).
- All creatives must be designed with a solid background color to avoid unwanted color conflicts with the underlying page.


For your animation to loop infinitely, just end your movie items all on the same frame and don't use a stop frame at the end. Flash will automatically loop back to the beginning.

Recommendation: If you would like some time to lapse before replays, then add frames to the timeline for the items you would like to leave on the screen.


We define video as, but is not limited to, any .avi, .mpg, quicktime, .wmv or real media file that would typically be edited within a video-editing application or utility.

When these types of files are imported into Flash, they remain a "video" despite being "rendered" through the Adobe Flash Player in your ad. Ads that contain any video elements must have clearly-visible "play" and "pause" buttons on all frames.

Do you have a question about advertising on Send us a Private Mail™ message and we'll get back to you right away.
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