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" Family members traveled from Virginia to our reunion in Ohio because they discovered us on FamilyReunion! Thank you – much fun was had by all!"
–Janice P., Ohio   USA
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Spending more than US$1.6 billion each year, family reunion planners and guests are affluent decisionmakers who turn to FamilyReunion by the millions for relevant information, essential products and must-have services to help them find, connect and stay in touch with their family, friends and lost loved-ones through family gathering events. Our members are finalizing their summer reunion plans now – Do they know about you?

45+ years  52%
25 - 44 years  40%
18 - 24 years  5%
female  82%
male  18%
post-graduate degree  8%
post-graduate study  6%
college graduate  22%
some college  41%
high school graduate  17%
Household Income
$100,000 +  6%
$75,000 - $99,900  9%
$50,000 - $74,900  20%
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FamilyReunion is the largest family social network™ – with significant growth year after year. Since 1995, FamilyReunion continues to earn its leadership position through positive brand image and innovation in providing a feature-rich, family-friendly environment that is easy to use.

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FamilyReunion members are among the most desirable consumer demographics: 82% female, 92% over 24 years of age, 79% college-level education or higher, and more than 35% earn $50k or more.

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