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Questions Members Frequently Ask Us

Q What types of membership do you offer?
A FamilyReunion has two membership types, basic (completely free) and platinum (low fee) which gains members access to premium content, information and services, among other benefits.
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Q What methods of payment are accepted?
A Payment types accepted at FamilyReunion are American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Discover Platinum, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, Mondex, MasterCard Debit, Visa, Visa Buxx and Visa Debit cards. For your privacy and security, all member data including payment and transaction information is transmitted only via high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption.
we accept the American Express cardwe accept the Discover cardwe accept the MasterCard cardwe accept the Maestro cardwe accept the Mondex cardwe accept the Cirrus debit cardwe accept the Visa card
Q I have no credit card. How do I pay my membership fee?
A Once you've created an account and are logged in, you can upgrade your membership using your credit, charge and debit cards via our automated payment system.

If you prefer, you can also use PayPal to send us your membership fee payment. Just click the appropriate payment button below for the preferred duration of your membership:
Free PayPal accounts can be set up to draw funds from your U.S. checking, savings account or credit or debit card. When we are notified you've completed the PayPal transaction, your account will be upgraded to platinum at our first opportunity. (Note: This method is not instant and may take from a few hours to a couple days for your account to be upgraded.)
Q I'm having trouble logging in. Can you help?
A If you don't yet have a username for your existing account, you'll need to go to the registration page to submit a username, your email address and your password. Once your username is accepted, you'll be able to go to your account page, ensure the information is still accurate and click the "submit" button.

If you already have a username but, when you go to the login page and submit your username and password, the site seems to indicate success but the upper-right corner of the page still indicates you're a "Guest," it could be an issue with your web browser called a "cookie conflict." Don't worry, that can happen from time to time and is often simple to remedy. Click the button below to remove any cookies that might prevent you from logging in properly:

For members using Internet Explorer 7 or above, the default settings are often a problem – the browser does not permit any new cookies. Here's a quick fix: Go to Tools > Internet Options, click the Privacy tab then the Advanced button to see a window that is similar to this:
Internet Explorer 7 Cookies Settings

Check the "override automatic cookie handling" option then, under First-party Cookies, select the "Accept" setting and check the "Always allow session cookies" option. Click "OK" to complete.

If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please click the "contact us" link any time and we'll do our best to help resolve the issue you're experiencing.
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Q How do I create my FamilyReunion homepage?
A Go to your "My Account" page. In the right panel (just under the advertisement), you'll see a summary of your services. From there it's easy to:
Q I just checked my online credit card statement and there is more than one transaction for my payment. Can you remove all but one?
A When you attempted to pay your Platinum membership fee, advertising services or other purchase at FamilyReunion, the transaction did not succeed and details of that error were reported to you on the resulting page (as well as your payment history page). Though that transaction failed, it created a "pending" or "authorized" transaction with your card-issuing bank. Each attempt that fails may create a new pending authorization. Within a few hours to a couple days, most card-issuing banks will automatically remove those pending items from your card, according to their own policies. However, American Express will automatically remove pending items within two weeks. In some cases, we may be able to contact American Express or your card-issuing bank and have those pending transactions removed so your available balance will return to normal. Click the "contact us" tab and let us know you'd like us to attempt that on your behalf.
Q How does FamilyReunion protect my private information?
A As a family-friendly website, member privacy and security are taken very seriously. Member email addresses and other contact information are only made available to logged-in members, and only when you indicate by a checkbox it can be made public. Further, all pages on that collect sensitive information is encrypted using high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption.
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