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–Demetria H., Texas   USA
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Our History

ROMPTED BY THE BIRTH of his first son Nicholas and the passing of his parents, veteran film and television producer/director/actor Craig Richards designed a 2-page newsletter in July 1995 called Family Reunion as a way to help his family and friends to stay better connected.

Family Reunion first print edition

FamilyReunion screenshot from the '90s After that first print edition, subsequent issues of the "Family Reunion" newsletter were published online at the domain.

All along, Craig envisioned a website with global appeal that would provide information, services and resources relevant to the whole family, family historians and genealogists, as well as planners of family gatherings and guests.

In December 1998, we completed initial renovations to the site and introduced to the world the very first social network specifically for families. New features and functions on FamilyReunion were designed in a flexible format to accommodate the enormous growth that inevitably followed.

Immediately, FamilyReunion became the premier internet destination for those interested in family gatherings, which earned numerous awards as well as recognition as being independently ranked among the top 10% most popular websites in the world.

Attracting new members to FamilyReunion's were primarily the searchable Reunion Announcements feature and the ability to find relevant products and services in our exclusive Resource Guide search directory. We provided access to the site's information and services completely free and FamilyReunion quickly became a "media darling," especially during the original dot-com boom and the beginning of each summer – long considered "reunion season."

FamilyReunion has been featured in innumerable news stories around the world by international, national and local broadcast media, radio stations and print magazines and newspapers. We're grateful that most websites that discusses family reunions include a reference and/or a link to FamilyReunion.

FamilyReunion homepage Type "family reunion" into the search field at any of the major search engines and a listing for us will be on the first results page, usually in the very first position. Many thousands of our visitors tell us they were taken directly to our site by simply typing familyreunion in the address bar of their web browser.

That original 1998 design evolved over the years and served many millions of enthusiastic visitors and loyal members. Armed with that experience, we undertook a very ambitious project in 3rd quarter 2005 to upgrade the entire website with a complete makeover designed to help provide members with more advanced services and an even greater sense of community. In summer of 2006, we completed development on phase one of that upgrade and unveiled FamilyReunion 2.0.

Incorporated into an updated interface, completely database-generated content resulting in significantly faster-loading pages, more streamlined navigation are all-new online services, many of which had been suggested over time by members. While basic membership is still totally free while, for a low monthly fee, special premium content and enhanced services are now provided to those who upgrade to Platinum membership, which helps fuel FamilyReunion's continued growth.

Year after year, FamilyReunion is privileged to provide relevant ideas, resources, information, products and services in a safe and friendly online social platform all designed to help millions of repeat visitors and loyal members make their next gathering of family the best ever.
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