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Family-Friendly and SPAM-Free
ERE AT FamilyReunion, we work continuously to provide an experience that is pleasant, exciting and respectful to our constituency of members and visitors. Following are some of the measures we've taken to help maintain our high standards.

Content Guidelines

As the world's largest family social network, we feel a burden to respect all who are kind enough to visit this community. Whether you're a student in a classroom or school library or you are several generations of family members surfing the internet together researching your lineage, or you're planning a gathering of extended relatives, our only agenda is to provide information, services and products that will help you connect your family.

Content-related decisions and policies at FamilyReunion are guided by our desire to provide an environment that is safe, clean, well-organized and free from content that is inflammatory, insulting or offensive. Happily, we're focused on family reunions and genealogy – certainly important and exciting topics but not considered by many to be controversial.

As a service to reunion organizers and their families, we publish information submitted to us by our members and other contributors. While it's possible something might get by us, we reserve and often exercise the right to edit or remove information and even delete members at FamilyReunion to maintain compliance with our standards.

Members and visitors who notice member information that does not comply with our Privacy Statement, User Agreement or Terms of Use are encouraged to notify us by clicking on the "report" button at the top of any such member listing.

Other Ways We Strive to Respect Your Needs and Your Privacy

We provide a number of services and products that require the voluntary disclosure of information by you (such as your contact information) and we only use that information to contact you in the normal course of providing you with such services and to permit other logged-in members to contact you.

FamilyReunion is a Family-Friendly SPAM-Free Zone FamilyReunion's policy is clear: We do not share, sell or otherwise disclose your email address to any outside party. Ever.

So how can a family member or friend establish contact with one of our members?

We developed an exclusive technology called Private Mail that lets members easily send a message to another member while not revealing that member's email address. Since FamilyReunion's launch in 1995, this system has successfully thwarted the efforts of Spammers (senders of unsolicited commercial emails) because they cannot access member email addresses.

Only registered and logged-in members may contact other members at FamilyReunion and, though someone may send a commercial messages to another member via Private Mail from time to time, recipients of such uninvited commercial emails need only forward such a message to us and we will notify the offending member of the violation. Any subsequent violation by that member may result in their account being permanently deleted.

Isn't Anti-Spam the Same as Anti-Commerce?

Not at all. Besides being a great place to help connect families, we've also designed this FamilyReunion community to help members and providers of information, products and services to get together through our exclusive Resource Guide search engine. We allow members to submit listings to this database at no charge thereby enabling truly barrier-free commerce.

We also set aside a limited amount of unobtrusive space throughout our website for advertising to help offset FamilyReunion's costs and to provide a more impactful venue in which advertisers can introduce their information, products and services to our members.

Advertising, too, must meet FamilyReunion's standards

Banned from FamilyReunion are ads related to alcohol, tobacco, gambling or other items, products, services and information considered inappropriate or illegal for minors. There will never be "popup" or "popunder" advertisements at FamilyReunion.

We also carefully screen advertisements and reject those that are disruptive to the visitor experience. To put it more bluntly, banned are those spazzy, hyperkinetic, in-your-face, assault-the-senses ads as a matter of respect to our visitors and members.

Please read our Privacy Statement and Terms of Use.

If you have additional ideas on how we can enhance your experience at FamilyReunion, we encourage you to send us a message any time by clicking the 'member services' link below.
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